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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover the cost of counseling?
In general, most insurance’s will cover the cost of outpatient counseling fees. The percentage of what is covered is determined by the package purchased by the employer and offered to the employee. The employer package benefits are identified by the group number on your card. As a courtesy, intake staff at Advanced Counseling Solutions will contact your insurance carrier prior to the first session to get specifics on benefits offered for individual, marital and family counseling. 

What is the average out of pocket expense for counseling sessions after insurance is billed?
On average, most co-payments range from $10 to $50 per billable session (45-60 minutes) of counseling. 

Do counselors specialize in certain areas?
There are many types of mental health providers with various levels of education, training and experience. To be defined as a specialist, an individual must possess a minimum of a Masters degree and be licensed in the State of Ohio as a Clinical Psychologist (PhD), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) or a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW). At Advanced Counseling Solutions, all therapists have between 10 and 20 years of mental health experience and specialize in a wide range of mental health services. 

If I have do not have insurance, what will the cost of counseling be?
Fees are determined by the therapists’ licensure level, years of experience and Universal Customary Rates (UCR’s) established by managed care standards.

Current rates per billable hour (45-90 minutes) are:

    Diagnostic Assessment $125
    Individual Counseling
    Marital & Family Counseling
    Psychological Testing & Reporting  $75 (per hour)
    Drug & Alcohol Assessment $75 (per hour)
    Court Appearance  $125 (per hour, including document preparation) 

How is my privacy protected?
The ability of an individual in counseling to speak openly and without reservation is the absolute most important element of counseling that produces successful outcomes. In an effort to create and maintain a strictly private environment, all therapists and staff of Advanced Counseling Solutions are trained in the ethics, laws and procedures of managing a confidential work environment. Additional training in ethics and rules of confidentiality is required of each licensed therapist every two years. In addition, all therapists and staff at Advanced Counseling are protected by Ohio State Law from disclosing personal information about individuals in counseling. Under no circumstances will private information be disclosed without written consent from the individual receiving counseling or their legal guardian or representative. 

How long will I need to be in counseling?
If you are not court ordered to complete a specific program, the duration and depth of your counseling is determined by you. The clinicians at Advanced Counseling Solutions are trained to offer education, suggestions, guidance and treatment goals at the onset of your therapy. Progress towards identified goals will be monitored and discussed during each session. In most cases, it is the patient’s report of meeting identified goals that determines the course of treatment. 

Can I make payments using a credit card or HSA account?
Yes. One of the primary goals of Advanced Counseling Solutions is to provide highly professional services at a reasonable and fair rate. Every effort is made to make payment of services convenient. To make a credit card or savings account payment, simply go to the payment tab of the Advanced Counseling web page and select a package that will cover the identified cost of your services. Individuals can also talk directly with their therapist or other Advanced staff to make payment arrangements.

I have more questions that are not answered here. Can I talk directly to a therapist before my first session?
Anyone interested in counseling for themselves or someone else is offered a free consultation to discuss any questions, or concerns regarding therapy. You are encouraged to call the office to talk to an intake specialist, billing personnel, or clinician. All staff at Advanced Counseling Solutions welcome information based calls and is happy to assist you in making the very important decision to enter into therapy.  



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